Apache tears headband

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Looking for an easy, fast and beautiful project? This Apache tears headband is certainly what you are looking for.

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Apache tears headband


This headband only uses two of the most simplest crochet stitches single crochet and double crochet.

Even if you are just starting to crochet I’m pretty sure the result will encourage you to continue.


Apache tears headband


You can combine all the colors you want. In this headband I used waste from other projects.


Apache tears headband


Grab your hook and let’s get it started.


Apache tears headband



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Medium weight yarn
5 mm hook
Yarn Needle

Stitch Abbreviations

This pattern is in standard American terms.

ch     chain
sc     single crochet
dc     double crochet
sl st  slip stitch
Rnd  Round

This stitch has a particularity and is that you can use the amount of separation stitches you want, in this tutorial we will use 4 separation stitches and the tear stitch for a total of 5 stitches.


ch 70 (multiple of 5)

Join ends of the chain with sl st taking care not to twist the chain.

1st Rdn: ch 1 – sc into every ch around (70 sc) – put a stitch marker to identify the start of the next round.

2nd Rnd: Do not join with sl st because we will work on the round – remove stitch marker – 1 sc – put stitch marker again – continue sc all the way around backloop only.

3rd Rnd: Remove stitch marker – 1 sc but don’t finish it yet (you must have two loops on the hook) – change color and finish the sc – dc into the next stitch but working on the loop 2 rows below – skip the next stitch – 1 sc into the next 4 stitches – repeat.

Continue repeating all around until you get to the starting stitch – The last sc must match the first dc in the same round.

Rnds 4 to 9: Repeat Rnd 3 changing colors every Rnd – you can also add more colors if you don’t want to repeat any.

Rnds 10 and 11: sc around – join with sl st at the end of Rnd 11 – cut the yarn and weave in the ends

Apache tears headband


Enjoy your new accesory and encourage yourself to make a lot of combinations!


Apache tears headband


If you would like to see more tutorials like this do not hesitate to leave it in the comments.

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See you soon!