Convertible Hat – Neck warmer

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Hi there! No matter the season of the year, we always want to wear an accesory that makes us look great but also keeps us warm if it’s cold outside. So here it is a Convertible Hat – Neck warmer, you can wear it as a regular hat, as a bun hat or as a neck warmer by itself.


convertible hat - neck warmer

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Convertible Hat – Neck warmer


If you surf a little on the internet, especially Pinterest, maybe you have noticed that it’s everywhere and there are a lot of versions of this hat.


convertible hat - neck warmer


This kind of hat allows you to wear your hair in a ponytail so it’s great to make you look casual.

But in fashion terms is a huge chance that in a few months nobody remembers that this hat exists. That’s the most important reason why I wanted to create a hat that could be used in other ways.


convertible hat - neck warmer


So I grabbed my hook and started to make a couple of samples and this is the result.

I hope you enjoy watching this tutorial and I’d love you make your own hat and send me the picture so I can keep it in a photo gallery that will be available very soon.


convertible hat - neck warmer


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1 skein of medium weight yarn
6 mm hook
Yarn needle

Ribbed band circunference 19,5 in
Hat circunference 21,5 in
Length 8 in

Stitch Abbreviations

This pattern is in standard American terms.

ch     chain
sc     single crochet
yo     yarn over
sl st  slip stitch


Ribbed band

Row 1: Slip knot – Ch 11

Row 2: Skip the first ch and sc into the next 10 stitches – ch 1 and turn.

Row 3: sc into each one of the 10 stitches backloop only – ch 1 and turn.

Continue working as many rows you need to reach your desired length – mine is 19,5 in.

Join both sides with sl st.


Puff stitch

sc all the way around – 64 stitches

1st row: ch 3 – *yo and insert hook into the first stitch – yo and pull through* repeat 2 more times into the same stitch – we should have 7 loops into the hook – yo and pull through all 7 loops – ch 1. First puff stitch completed.

Skip the next stitch and repeat the puff stitch into the next stitch. At the end of the row join with sl st.

2nd row: Repeat puff stitch all the way around working in the hole between puff stitches of the previous row – at the end of the row join with sl st.

Continue working the same way until you reach 7,5 in or your desired length. Turn your hat inside out to hide the seams on the ribbed band.



Make as many chains you need to reach 27,5 in

Turn the chains and make sl st inside a kind of “belly” until the end of the chain.

Join the drawsting to the hat with 3 sc inside every hole between the puff stitches of the previous row.

At the end of the row join with sl st.

I hope you found this tutorial on how to crochet this Convertible Hat – Neckwarmer helpful. If you did, please be sure to share it with others and don’t forget to subscribe to receive weekly tutorials delivered straight to your inbox.

Kisses and Hugs!.