Ponytail Hat

Do you have long hair and wearing a hat it’s just a mess? Well then this Ponytail Hat is for you!

And if you have curly hair, like mine, you will be glad to know that it is the best solution I have found for those bad hair days.

I hope this Ponytail Hat will be as useful to you as it has been for me and enjoy both doing it and using it.

To crochet this hat you will need:

Ponytail Hat


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Size 5 Bulky yarn

8 mm hook

Elastic hair band

Tapestry needle




Start making a slip knot, take the band and with your working yarn behind insert hook yarn over and pull through making a slip stitch.

Ponytail Hat


1st Row: Chain 22.

2nd Row: Double crochet into the third chain from the hook – 19 double crochet across – 1 single crochet into the last chain of the row – insert hook into the elastic band and make a slip stitch.


Ponytail Hat


Chain 1 and turn. Your work should look like this:


Ponytail Hat


3rd Row: 1 single crochet – 13 double crochet  – 5 double crochet working on back loop only – 1 double crochet working both loops – chain 2 and turn.

4th Row: 6 double crochet working on the third loop as is shown in the following picture:


Ponytail Hat
Ponytail Hat


13 double crochet – 1 single crochet – slip stitch into the elastic band – chain 1 and turn.

From the 5th row on we repeat rows 3 and 4 until reaching a width of approximately 55 cm.


Ponytail Hat Ponytail Hat


Put right side inside and wrong side outside and join ends with slip stitch.


Ponytail Hat


At one end we must have two loops from each double crochet of previous row and at the other end we must have one loop from the foundation chain.

Insert the hook into these three loops and make a slip stitch all the way across until you reach the elastic band.

Weave in the ends and that’s it! You have your hat finished!


Ponytail Hat


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