Star stitch fingerless gloves

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Today I’m going to show you how to crochet these beautiful and warmer star stitch fingerless gloves.

Although in some parts of the world it’s not winter, in my country Colombia, we have many cities where the whole year is cold and it’s a good idea to have on hand a pair of these gloves to keep your hands warm without losing the mobility of your fingers at all.

To crochet these fingerless gloves we are needing:

mitones punto estrella crochet

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Worsted weight (size 4 or 5 medium) yarn
5 mm hook
Tapestry needle

Stitch Abbreviations

This pattern is in standard American terms.

ch     chain
sc     single crochet
yo     yarn over
sl st  slip stitch




Wrist: With 5mm hook ch 9

star stitch fingerless gloves

Row 1: Skip the first ch and sc in the next 8 stitches, ch 1 and turn your work.

Row 2: sc in all 8 stitches backloop only – ch 1 and turn.

Continue repeating this row until you reach your desired length, in my case 8 inches or 21 rows.

star stitch fingerless gloves

Join both sides with sl st.

I recommend to try it on before continue, just to be sure it fits your hand properly.


Row 1: sc all around – you must end with stitches multiple of 2 + 1 – join with a sl st.

Row 2: ch 3 – yo into the second ch from the hook – yo into the third ch – yo into the base of the ch – yo into the next two stitches (one per stitch) – pull up through all 6 loops – close with a ch.

If you are visual, just like me, you’ll want to see this short video where I show you how to do this stitch.

Repeat all the way around – join with sl st.

Row 3: sc all the way around – one per hole you find – at the end of the row you must have the same number of stitches you started in the first row.

Rows 4 to 10: Repeat rows 2 and 3 in the same order.

Before continuing with row 11, you must try it on again and put a mark before and after your thumb.

You need to leave space enough to let your thumb move freely, in my case I left 7 stitches to create the gap.

Row 11: sc all the way until you reach the first mark – ch 7 (or the number you need to create the gap) – skip 7 stitches and join the ch with sc in the 7th stitch – join with sl st at the end of the row.

star stitch fingerless gloves

Rows 12 to 14: Repeat rows 2 and 3 in the same order.

Rows 15 and 16: sc all the way around – join with sl st at the end.

You can crochet the second glove in the same order and measure than the first one because there is no difference between both, right and left.

And that’s it! Our hands are comfty and warmy and it just took 2 hours!!

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See you next time!